KUI MA NEILE ÜTLESIN, kui palju ma raha tahan, lasid nad jalga …”

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KUI MA NEILE ÜTLESIN, kui palju ma raha tahan, lasid nad jalga …”

Imekaunis ja särav suunamudija Liza Lind meenutab aastaid tagasi ette tulnud olukorda, mis tänagi veel muigama paneb.

Nimelt rääkis Liza lähemalt sellest, kuidas tema teekond suunamudijaks alguse sai.

Kui kaunitaril oli Instagramis pisut üle 5000 jälgija, võttis ta julguse kokku ning tegi ühele juuksehooldusvahendite brändile ise ettepaneku koostööd teha. Kõigepealt teda ignoreeriti nädal aega ning seejärel saadeti lihtsalt pikalt.

Aastad läksid mööda ja Lizast sai edukas suunamudija. Siis otsustas see sama bränd ise kaunitari poole pöörduda.

“Kolm aastat hiljem võtsid nad minuga ise ühendust ja ütlesid, et nad armastavad minu sotsiaalmeedia sisu ja tahaksid väga minuga koostööd teha. Kui ma neile ütlesin, kui palju ma selle eest raha tahan, kadusid nad ära,” meenutab Liza ning lisab veel, et väga oluline on osata iseennast väärtustada.

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MASKS 🎭 OFF: Every time I share something a little more personal on here I get a crazy amount of positive feedback from you so today I want to reference back to my post a week or so ago about how I started travel blogging. I mentioned that I never knew you could even travel blog & once I did I never believed I could.. PART 1 – Going to keep this short & sweet, I believe a part of the reason for my success on this platform is because I never set out to do it. On a subconscious level we all feel things that our conscious mind doesn’t pick up on.. This applies to nearly everything, but in this instance I want to reference back to digital creation. You see a lot of people these days trying to be “bloggers/ influencers” not because they have valuable information that they want to share, but because they think it’s a easy way to make a little extra money and it shows. You will only ever have real success in the things you truly pour your heart into! PART 2: Once I gained some followers and saw people working with brands overseas I decided to give it a go. I reached out to a hair care brand I loved & asked if they’d be interested in working together, I had around 5k followers at the time and didn’t even think of asking for money, just their products.. they totally gave me the cold shoulder, ignoring me for week and then saying they’re not interested. 3 years later they reached out to me telling me they LOVE my content and would be thrilled to work with me. When I told them what I charge they disappeared 🤣 I guess some things never change lol but that doesn’t mean you should doubt your worth!!! If you believe you can do it.. YOU CAN.

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